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Poster Exhibition 2017

During the 9th International Meeting more than 160 scientific posters will be presented. 

ALL POSTERS have to be mounted starting from the first poster session (16.5., 12:30 h) and displayed until the end of the last session (17.5., 15:45 h).

Please have a look at the program for presenting times.



The main poster session will take place on 16 May (17:15 h - 18:45 h).

During the first half of this session, authors of posters with odd numbers are asked to present, followed by authors of posters with even numbers (start at 18:00 h).


Please find the number of your poster in the PDF file attached:

The poster topics are sorted in alphabetical order. Please use the 'find'-function (cmd+F) to search for your name, topic or your poster title.


PLEASE NOTE that all poster must be removed from the boards after the last poster session (17 May, 15:45 h) by their authors. The posters left by their authors after the conference end will be discarded.

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